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Specialising in Fibre Optic Internet, 
Point to Point Managed Services, VOIP,
Data Centre Co-Location and Dark Fibre.
Our mission is to provide a cost effective, business grade solution to the corporate & enterprise market. We will achieve this through innovation and by using the latest technologies and best practices throughout, thus providing a high quality, low latency and robust network that can offer scalable communications solutions to our customers.

This will be delivered by a team who are experienced and passionate about bringing our customers the best network in Australia. We have a very simple mantra here at Four G Telecom and that is “Work together with our customers to find the best solution for their business not ours.”
Customer service is what Four G Telecom is all about and this gives us the ability to provide a boutique service.

The business works towards building relationships with our customers on a personal level instead of being 'just a number’.

At Four G Telecom we endeavour to collaborate with our customers by providing them customised solutions tailored specifically for their business, and not just be another service provider.
At Four G Telecom, we believe it is crucial to stay in the vanguard of technological development. This philosophy is reflected in the equipment and fibre that we use.

Our network has been built from scratch and unlike other providers we do not have any legacy equipment and networks to work around. This gives us the unique privilege of implementing only the latest and the best technology available; giving our network the edge!

Four G Telecom will continue to search for emerging next generation technologies to improve and expand its product portfolio.


Our network which started to grow in Port Melbourne is now connected to many major data centres in Port Melbourne and Melbourne CBD. Four G Telecom has approximately 30km of optical fibre cable installed in Melbourne.

Our network is rapidly expanding and we will continue to to grow our network in Melbourne with a national expansion into major Australian cities expected to be completed in the near future.

Our strategic partnerships also allow us to provide you with access to our services regardless of your office location. Give us a call to explore possibilities of getting connected.
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Four G Telecom has developed and built a high quality, low latency and robust network that can offer scalable communications solutions to our customers.

You cannot compare apples with apples when it comes to discussing fibre vs traditional copper fixed lines or satellite. Fibre is superior in every way and it is the only way to truly future proof your business for many years to come.
Your business means everything to us here at Four G Telecom, and you have our promise that we will take care of you.

We have designed the network with you, the customer in mind, utilising the latest technologies, with a team that is experienced & passionate about developing a rock solid network across all platforms.
Your network integrity is important to us. We have a comprehensive SLA with 24/7 coverage to maximise your uptime.

Four G telecom’s network operations centre (NOC) is based in Melbourne and always will be.

Our NOC support team are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days of the year to ensure you get the support you need when you need it.


Chief Executive Officer

Dev Oza Four G Telecom Profile
When Dev was offered the opportunity to lead the business development team at Four G Telecom, he knew he had found his calling. The allure of working with a dynamic team of committed professionals was too hard to resist.

Armed with an education in Politics and History, Dev took the obvious route and started work in the hospitality industry. He started working in the Telecommunications and ICT industry several years ago where Dev rose up rapidly through the ranks of Telstra’s Business Division. Here, he was responsible for acquiring and nurturing some high profile accounts including several embassies. He brings to the company a focus on impeccable customer service.

During the weekends, he can be found socialising, drinking copious amounts of tea and watching documentaries.

We are delighted that Mars has recently joined Four G Telecom. He brings to the team a wealth of experience which he has gained through hard work and dedication. 

Mars prides himself in the excellent level of customer service he delievers to clients and always delievers practical solutions that are cost effective. 

Before joining Four G he worked for Telstra and has advised a wide variety of businesses in different industries ranging from telecommunications to hospitality. 

In his spare time Mars enjoys the restaurant and cafe scene Melbourne has to offer and time with his young family.

Sales Director

Mars Ayass Four G Telecom Profile

National Projects

Felix Serrano Four G Telecom Profile
Having obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree, one would think the telco industry was an unlikely pick for Felix but we are glad he picked it.

Prior to joining Four G Telecom, Felix was employed by one of Australia's major telcos, where for five years he managed large scale fibre construction projects. 

At Four G Telecom, Felix is responsible for everything project related which covers fibre construction, network design and spatial management. He is also involved with the operational side of the business. 

Apart from working hard, Felix is usually reading books, partaking in outdoor activities and enjoying the company of family and friends.

Glyn has worked in the IT industry for many years. He has experience working with a wide variety of technologies and enjoys seeking the best solutions for customers. 

Before joining Four G Telecom, Glyn worked for a major American Tier 1 ISP. He holds active Cisco and Juniper certifications and is constantly researching the latest technological trends. 

He prides himself on being able to work under high amounts of pressure and strives to be the best of the best. Glyn also keeps up-to-date with the latest cyber threats, such as ransomware, and offers invaluable advice to our clients ranging from infrastructure upgrades to moving to the cloud.

Outside of work, Glyn can often be found in one of the many pubs that Melbourne has to offer!

Network Operations

Glyn Worthington Four G Telecom Profile


Four G Internet

Four G Ethernet icon
Imagine your business without access to the internet! Internet access is one of the more mission critical elements of most businesses today. Four G Internet has been built with this in mind to provide businesses with a symmetrical internet service.
Four G Internet is a truly boutique internet service where your connection belongs exclusively to you. Give your business the advantage of a dedicated, uncontended internet service with a guaranteed up-time of 99.95%.

We also partner with industry leading Tier 1 internet providers to offer their internet services at wholesale rates to our customers. 

Four G Point to Point Ethernet / Layer 2 & 3 VPN

Four G Ethernet allows you to establish a secure and private connection between two or more sites (office to office, office to data centre or data centre to data centre). This service is great for businesses that have co-location and multi site requirements but do not have an in house IT department. We also offer fully managed layer 2 & 3 VPN services for interstate and international connections.
Our 24 x 7 Network Operations Centre monitors and manages your private network, provides support to your staff and ensures security and business continuity. Real-time monitoring and reporting coupled with world class support from our experienced network engineers will ensure that your IT network problems will be a relic of the past. Four G Ethernet is separate to your internet connection and you don't have to worry about sharing your allocated bandwidth for transmitting data between sites.

Four G Dark Fibre

Four G Dark Fibre allows you to manage your own network, by providing you with optical fibre infrastructure which has been designed and built using the latest optical fibre technology to bring you an incredibly robust and low latency fibre solution.
Unlike managed services, dark fibre allows you to determine the type of transmission across your fibre pairs. This gives you the flexibility to scale your bandwidth up and down as your business requirements change.

Four G Co-Location

Four G Telecom has partnered with industry leading data centres in Melbourne, to be able to provide you with rack space in a secure facility. This a great option for those businesses that wish to have their disaster recovery (DR) solution off-site to minimise the risk and impact on their day to day business.
Four G co-location can give you direct access to some of the key cloud players in the industry including Microsoft, Google, VM Ware, AWS, etc.

Four G Cloud Services & VOIP

Four G Telecom provide intelligent IT solutions and services that help our customers optimise the use of their IT infrastructure and offer the flexibility of paying for software, hardware and consulting services on a monthly basis.
Four G Telecom have VoIP and Cloud Solutions to suit every business. We can give you the flexibility of working anywhere and being able to access your information when you want.
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